Welcome to EmeraldValleyArmory.com

It has been a long wait - but the new EmeraldValleyArmory.com website is now live! We want to take this moment to celebrate and also thank our long-term and new customer for your patiences and support during this process. It is another chapter we’re writing for the armory and we are excited to offer more information and dynamic online features.

The Emerald Valley Armory was founded by Raye Gunter in late 2011 and is easily located off of I5 EXIT 182. Raye has over 15 years of armory management experiance and almost 8 years of active serivce. He vision with Emerald Valley Armoy is to build a solid line of service and products based on his experiance…Learn More

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“A great group of guys, prices still what they were a year ago, great service, very knowledgeable, no one there has the I'm better than you because I know more than you mentality of a lot of gun shops and honest. I'll be buying all my firearms, parts, ammo ect. as long as I live here.”

Jason Woodcock